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June 27, 2016
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09:00-10:00 Session 1: Plenary Opening Ceremony
  MTT Keynote PPT Cha-am - Abridged MTT Keynote PPT
10:30-12:30 Session II :  Plenary Keynote Presentation I
  Thailand’s policy management on climate
:: Asdaporn Krairapanond
Asdaporn Krairapanond
  Key issues of biodiversity and ecosystem services
:: Jeffrey McNeely
Jeffrey McNeely
  Adaptive watershed management for mitigating and corresponding to climate change impact
:: Nipon Tangtham
Nipon Tangtham
13:30-15:00 Session III : Parallel Session I
  Key presentation on “Watershed Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment (VAA) – The Watershed-based Adaptation to Climate Change (WACC) Experience & Next Steps” Monthip_VAA and WACC
Ravadee_SDF_WCC phetchaburi sirindhorn_27.06.2016
  Biodiversity Conservation – Management (I)
  1. Eld’s deer conservation and reintroduction in Thailand
:: Naris Bhumpakphan
2. Monitoring plant diversity and water storage in a dry Dipterocarp forest at the Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Center, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
:: Teuanchay Phongkhamphan
3. Distribution and conservation status of Water Onion (Crinum thaianum J. Shculze) in Thailand
:: Nirunrut Pomoim
4. Mass awareness as an effective tool for biodiversity and wildlife conservation
:: Amita Kanaujia
5. Participatory mangrove restoration and conservation project for sustainable development
:: Jeeranee Janrungautai
1. Naris_27.06.2016
2. Tuenchay_27.06.2016
3. n/a
4. Amita_27.06.2016
5. Jeeranee_28.06.201
  Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services-Policy
  1. Biodiversity and health – Strengthening policy-practice linkages
:: Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana
2. Myanmar forestry policy and institutional arrangement : Case study of mangrove deforestation during 1980 and 2015
:: San Win
3. Hornbill conservation - policy and plan
:: Vijak Chimchome
1. Unnikrishnan_27.06.2016
2. San Win_27.06.2016
3. Vijak_27.06.2016
15:30-17:00 Session IV : Parallel Session II 
  Key presentation on “The Regional Watershed VAA Guidelines : Learning from on - the -ground experience in Asia” Alex Smajgl_Key Presentation_27.06.2016
  Biodiversity Conservation – Management (II)
  1. Identification of Dalbergia cochichinensis from other Dalbergia spp. using SNPs in maturase K gene
:: Suchitra Changtragoon
2. Identification of natural mangrove hybrid of Rhizophora in Thailand using SNP in nucleus and chloroplast regions
:: Suchitra Changtragoon
3. Genetic diversity of Gloriosa superba from southern India, based on chemical profiling, horticultural traits and RAPD analysis
:: Gopi Ragupathi
4. Perspectives on mangrove biodiversity in an unstable climate
:: Gordon S. Maxwell
1. Suchitra_Dalbergia cochichinensis_27.06.2016
2. Suchitra_hybrid mangrove_27.06.2016
3. Gopi Ragupathi_27.06.2016
4. Gorgon Maxwell_27.06.2016
  Ecosystem Services - Management
  1. Effects of biochar on growths, and the emissions of nitrous oxide from sweet sorghum fields
:: Duangrat Suekhum
2. Predicting impacts of land use and climate change scenarios on forested watershed services in southern Thailand
:: Yongyut Trisurat
3. Integrated management of coastal bioresources and biodiversity for sustainable development
:: Vithilingam Selvam
4. The Muangleeng model: Social geographical development mitigating climate change
:: Narongpan Chunram
1. Duangrat_27.06.2015
2. Yongyut_27.06.2016
3. Selvam_27.06.2016
4. Narongpan_27.06.2016


June 28, 2016
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08:30-10:30 Session V: Keynote Presentation II
  1.5 Degree Climate Stabilization: Needs for Science-Policy-Society interfacing
:: Shobhakar Dhakal
Shobhakar Dhakal
  Sustainable biodiversity conservation and payment for ecosystem services: From theory to practice
:: Fanie Bekker
Fanie Bekker
  Gender integration for improved ecosystems resilience
:: Maeve Nightingale
Maeve Nightingale
  Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Japan and designing collaborative activities by the G7 members
:: Moeko Yoshitomi
Moeko Yoshitomi
11:00-12:30 Session VI : Parallel Session III
  Climate Change Adaptation Adaptive Learning – From Policy to Practice (I)
  1. Exploring local hydro-climatic variability and its water resource management implications in the Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan watershed under current and future climate
:: David N. Yates
2. The impacts of changing climate on water resource in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan watershed
:: Jerasorn Santisirisomboon
3. Integrated watershed ecosystem management: A case of forest and water resources in Bangtra Noi and Huai Sai watershed, Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (SIEP) and adjacent areas
:: Samakkee Boonyawat
4. Estimation of ecosystem water use efficiency using eddy covariance technique in dry dipterocarp forest, northern Thailand
:: Montri Sanwangsri
5. Teak plantation phenology changes and its relationships to climate variability in Lampang Province, northern Thailand
:: Phan Kieu Diem
6. Understanding regional hydrological responses to global climate change and local land use/ cover change
:: Dawen Yang
1. Jerasorn_28.06.2016
2. David_28.06.2016
3. Samakkee_28.06.2016
4. Montri_28.06.2016
5. Phan Kieu Diem_28.06.2016
6. Yang Dawen_28.06.2016
  Climate Change Adaptation Adaptive Learning – From Policy to Practice (II)
  1. Living on the edge – Mangrove genomes reveal severe adaptive strategies and hints at an uncertain future
:: Suhua Shi
2. Forest ecosystem shifts in response to future climate change in the western forest complex, Thailand
:: Yongyut Trisurat
3. Plant diversity and carbon storages in deciduous forests at the Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Center, northern Thailand
:: Soontorn Khamyong
4. Changes in temperature and precipitation and their extreme indices over dry zone area in central Myanmar
:: Kyu Kyu Sein
5. Responses of litter fall and carbon exchange to El Niño in a secondary dry dipterocarp forest, western Thailand
:: Rungnapa Kaewthongrach
6. Consumption and emission of Chinese coal and its environmental impacts
:: Shen Yu
1. shi suhua_28.06.2016
2. Yongyut_28.06.2016
3. Soontorn_28.06.2016
4. Kuy Kyu Sein_28.06.2016
5. Rungnapa_ 28.06.2016
6. n/a
  Biodiversity Conservation – Practice
  1. Assessment of ecological indicators for coral reef biodiversity conservation in Thailand
:: Makamas Sutthacheep
2. Biodiversity conservation model in Karst ecosystem: Case study in Gunungsewu-Indonesia
:: Agus Suyanto
3. Exploration, conservation and phytochemical screening of unexplored flora of India
:: Chandrasekaran Rajasekaran
4. Genetic diversity and population structure of water monitor lizard (Varanus salvator macromaculatus) in Bangkrachao, Samut Prakarn using mitochondrial DNA D-loop and SSR marker
:: Parinya Wongtienchai
5. Community empowerment in Mangunan-Girirejo Bantul through development of Gama Herbal Park to increase economic value and conservation of medicinal plants
:: Puji Astuti
6. Practices of mitigating biodiversity loss among indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh
:: Bulia Pulu
7. Bazhu community conserved area : Eco-protection and sustainable development of a Tibetan village in northwestern Yunnan
:: Wande Gongba
1. Makamas_28.06.2016
2. Agus Suyanto_28.06.2016
3. Dr. Rajasekaran_28.06.2016
5. Dr. Puji Astuti_28.06.2016
6. Bulia Pulu_28.06.2016
7. Wande Gongba_28.06.2016
  Ecosystem Services - Practice
  1. Assessing land use change and its impact on ecosystem services in northern Thailand
:: Sunsanee Arunyawat
2. Conversion of water resource nuisance into high value-added carbonaceous materials using hydrothermal carbonization technology
:: Thantorn Vanavanichkul
3. Higher contribution of soil respiration (Rs) to ecosystem respiration (Re) in mixed deciduous forest compared to dry dipterocarp forest
:: Apaporn Bulsathaporn
4. Safeguarding mangrove ecosystem services in the Trat-Koh Kong transboundary region of Cambodia and Thailand
:: Donald J. Macintosh
5. Krailart Niwate : Urban mangrove preservation and ecotourism education centre
:: Brian Anderson
1. Sunsanee_28.06.2016
2. Thantorn_28.06.2016
3. Apaporn_28.06.2016
4. Prof. Don Mcintosh_28.06.2016
5. Brian_28.06.2016
14:00-15:30 Session VII : Parallel Session IV
  Key presentation on “Regional Experience in Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation” Asadaporn_Key Presentation_28.06.2016
  Climate Change Adaptation Adaptive Learning – From Policy to Practice (III)
  1. Community-based adaptation (CBA) to climate change through organic agriculture: Case study of Samroung commune, Cambodia
:: Nareth Nut
2. Multi-sectoral governance council: A disaster preparedness and management case
:: Huberto Zanoria
3. Policy to action: Low carbon education for RCE Iskandar
:: Wong Wei Yoke
4. Impact of ESD-related initiatives in Banacon island: An initial assessment
:: Bernabe M. Mijares, Jr.
5. Capacity building media for developing climate smart community
:: Abdhesh Kumar Gangwar
6. Flood inundation mapping along the proposed dike system of the Cagayan de Oro river: The Sendong scale flood
:: Dexter S. Lo
1. Nareth Nut_28.06.2016
2. Huberto Zonoria_28.06.2016
3. Wong Wei Yoke_28.06.2016
4. Bernabe_28.06.2016
5. Abdhesh Kumar Gangwar_28.06.2016
6. Lo Dexter_28.06.2016
  Biodiversity Conservation –  Multi-stakeholder Approaches
  1. Breakthrough from the conservation stewards program in southern RakhineYoma, Myanmar
:: Htet Eain Khant
2. Citizen conservation : An emerging social media movement for biodiversity conservation in Indonesia
:: Muhammad Ali Imron
3. Building teachers capacity in biodiversity: Integrating pedagogical strategies and improving teachers’awareness and knowledge across the curriculum
:: Mohammad Zohir Ahmad
4. Analysis of biodiversity in the Malaysian secondary school curriculum
:: Mohammad Zohir Ahmad
5. Collective initiative to protect biodiversity of Kodagu Sacred Grove
:: Santosh R. Sutar
6. RCE Trivandrum
:: Sachin Sathyarajan
1. Htet Eain Khant_28.06.2016
2. Muhammad Ali Imron_28.06.2016
3. Mohammad Zohir Ahmad_28.06.2016
4. Mohammad Zohir Ahmad_28.06.2016
5. Santosh_28.06.2016
6. Sachin_28.06.2016
  Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – Multi-stakeholder Approaches
  1. Adaptation to climate change through mangrove rehabilitation involving local community participation
:: Shigeyuki Baba
2. LEADearthSHIP
:: Monmi Barua
3. Promoting the bioregional ESD model in UNESCO’s Global Action Programme (GAP)
:: Reita Furusawa
4. Integration of biodiversity conservation into school curriculum
:: Suranid Ong-La
5. Climate change adaptation actions on biodiversity and ecosystem rehabilitation towards sustainable urban development, Thungsong Municipality, Nakhon Si Thammarat
:: Songchai Wongwacharadamrong
6. Reversing environmental damage through community focused sustainable livelihoods in Ban Don Bay, Surat Thani province, southern Thailand
:: Noparat Bamroongrugsa
7. The research of the status quo and the strategy of the ESD training for the in-service teachers in Inner Mongolia
:: Chen Wei
1. Shigeyuki Baba_28.06.2016
2. Monmi Barua_28.06.2016
3. Reita Furusawa_28.06.2016
4. Suranid_28.06.2016
5. Songchai_28.06.2016
6. Noparat_28.06.2016
7. Chen Wei_28.06.2016
16:00-17:00 Session VIII : Plenary Closing
  Reflections on the Conference
 - Climate change
   :: Robert Dobias
 - Biodiversity conservation
   :: Hung Tuck Chan
 - Ecosystem services
   :: Yongyut Trisurat
Cha-am Statement on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for the SDGs
:: Mario Tabucanon
1. Reflection_Climate Change_Robert Dobias
2. Reflection_Bio Con_Hung Tuck Chan
3. Reflection_ES_Yongyut
4. Chaam S tatement_Mario Tabucanon



June 30, 2016
Time Details Download
09:00-09:10 Opening (RCE Cha - am and UNU - IAS)
  Dr. Sonjai Havanond, RCE Cha - am
Prof. Mario Tabucanon, UNU - IAS
09:40-09:50 Review of the 8th Asia - pacific RCE Meeting
  Mr. Bernabe M. Mijares Jr. (RCE Bohol) 1. RCE%2520Report%2520(1)%2520(1)
09:50-10:10 Progress of Global RCE Network, Introduction of New RCEs in Asia - Pacific
  Ms. Kyoko Shiota, UNU - IAS 2. AP RCE (UNU-IAS) ver 1
10:10-10:40 UNU - IAS ESD Strategic Directions and Strategy, Roadmap for the RCE Community and the progress on Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD
  Prof. Mario Tabucanon and Dr. Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana, UNU - IAS 3. UNU-IAS_Strategic Directions and Strategy ver 2
10:40-11:10 Updates on AP RCE Collaborative Activities
  Prof. Munirah Ghazali, RCE Penang 4. Presented and submitted Slides Inter Projects RCE PENANG-Cha'am-2
  Ms. Won J Byun, RCE Tongyeong (by video) 5. 2016 Introduction of RCE Tongyeong Sejahtera Forest - YouTube (720p)
14:00-15:00 Discussion on Multi - stakeholder ESD Assessment (UNU - IAS)
  Prof. Mario Tabucanon and Dr. Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana, UNU - IAS

7. RCE evaluation - AP RCE meeting (30th June)

15:30-17:00 Recap of the meeting: Reporting of breakout discussions
  Dr. Kiran Chhokar  
17:00-17:20 Closing
  Dr. Sonjai Havanond, RCE Cha - am
Prof. Mario Tabucanon, UNU - IAS

Information on ESD Okayama Award 2016 Announcement Please click 

July 1, 2016
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09:00-09:45 Opening
  Dr. Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana and Suneetha Subramanian, UNU - IAS  
09:45-10:45 Overview of IPBES Work programs, Q & A
  Thomas Koetz, IPBES 1. 1 July_IPBES_Introduction_RCE-AP_July 2016
11:00-11:30 ValuES project, Ecosystem service assessment introduction (GIZ)
  Maria Fernanda Contreras del Valle, GIZ 2. 1 July_RCE presentation. ValuES final
11:00-11:30 ValuES project group work
  Maria Fernanda Contreras del Valle, GIZ  
14:00-14:30 Policy support tools and methodologies
  Thomas Koetz, IPBES 3. 1 July_IPBES_PSTM_RCE-AP_July 2016
14:30-15:30 ValuES project group work (contd)
  Maria Fernanda Contreras del Valle, GIZ  
16:00-17:00 Group work (Potential areas of engagement with IPBES)
  Suneetha M. Subramanian  


July 2, 2016
Time Details Download
09:00-09:30 Introduction to three task forces and work programs, Q&A
  Suneetha M. Subramanian  
6. 2 July_IPBES and Values
4. 2 July_IPBES Task forces and mandates
09:30-10:00 Introduction to IPBES Asia Pacific work on three taskforce mandates in the assessment process, Q&A
  Wataru Suzuki, IPBES 2 July_IPBES-AP introduction 20160702
10:00-11:00 Group work on linkages with task forces.
  Suneetha M. Subramanian  
11:15-12:00 Group work presentations.
  Suneetha M. Subramanian  
12:00-13:00 Discussion on way forward – Group work
  Dr. Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana & RCE Representatives  
14:00-14:30 Group work presentation (Way forward)
  Prof. Mario Tabucanon and Dr. Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana  
14:30-15:00 Concluding session and wrap up
  Prof. Mario Tabucanon & RCE Cha-am Representative  




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