Route No. 2

Route 2: Environment


Time Details
7.30 am

Leave Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (SIEP) for King’s Royally Initiated Laem Phak Bai Environmental Research and Development Project (LERD) in Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi  Province

8.30 am

Arrive at LERD
Welcome drink & Thai Dessert , shopping at the project’s shop

9.00 am

Introduction VDO, briefing and sightseeing around the Project and Mangrove

10.30 am

Leave LERD for “Kang Hun Thong Salt Spa” in Bangkaew sub-district, Ban Laem

10.45 am

Arrive at “Kang Hun Thong Salt Spa”, enjoy your spa massage and shopping various salt spa products

11.45 am

Leave the Salt Spa

12.00 pm

Lunch at a restaurant

1.00 pm

Leave for the Sea Farm Royal Project initiated by HM Queen Sirikit

1.15 pm

Arrive at the Sea Farm Royal Project initiated by HM Queen Sirikit
Introduction VDO, sightseeing around the Sea Farm Royal Project initiated by HM Queen Sirikit

2.00 pm

Leave the Sea Farm Royal Project for Bangkok or Cha-am

2.45 pm

Arrive at SIEP in Cha-am


Attraction: The King's Royally Initiated Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project

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At the LERD Project, study and research had been conducted to seek methods for managing wastewater and garbage, and restoring the mangrove forest. The result was the development of four technological systems, including: Lagoon Treatment, Grass Filtration, Constructed Wetland and Mangrove Forest Filtration.

The LERD Project has improved its wastewater treatment and garbage management methods to be more effective and suitable for the environment. It also helps to prevent wastewater collected from the municipal area from flowing into the Phetchaburi River, which in turn restores the balance of nature. The LERD Project currently serves as a model for environmental improvement and conservation.

Besides conducting study and research, the LERD Project serves as a learning center for wastewater management and mangrove forest conservation. It regularly accommodates field education trips for schools, academic institutes as well as the general public. The scenic location next to a mangrove forest and the sea has also established the LERD Project to be a famous eco-tourist attraction and an ideal destination for bird watching activities.




Attraction: Sea Farm Royal Project Initiated by HM Queen Sirikit

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A ‘sea farm’ project is being developed in the coastal province of Phetchaburi under the initiative of Her Majesty the Queen to solve the problem of dwindling marine resources. Privy Councilor Palakorn Suwannarat led his team to monitor the progress of the demonstration farm in Tambon Bang Kaeo, Ban Laem District, where Her Majesty has granted a land piece of 82 rai donated to her by a charitable proprietor, for use as the demonstration site of the project.

The sea farm under the royal initiative is scheduled to be operational during 2015 to 2017, in order to demonstrate to interested farmers how to raise aquatic animals by using zero-waste closed-farm techniques. It is intended to be the prototype of sustainable marine farming to be developed in other parts of Thailand. According to the Privy Councilor, Her Majesty the Queen wished the ‘sea farm’ would be an alternative way to catching marine animals in the high sea – which is the fuel-wasting practice that also damages the environment.


(Photo Credit :โครงการฟาร์มทะเลตัวอย่างตามพระราชดำริ-จังหวัดเพชรบุรี-1580918692177197/)



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