Route No.1

Route 1: Father's House - Sufficiency Economy


Time Details
7.30 am

Leave Sirindhorn International Environmental Park (SIEP) for Chang Hua Man Royal Project, Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province

8.30 am

Arrive at Chang Hua Man Royal Project  and shopping at Golden Place
Introduction VDO, and sightseeing around the Project

10.00 am

Leave Chang Hua Man Royal Project

10.15 am

Drop by and shopping at Suan Khao Kapook, Tha Yang District
(snack box and juice served in the bus)

10.30 am

Leave Suan Khao Kapook for Khao Kling Agricultural Prison, Kaeng Krachan District, Phetchaburi Province

11.00 am

Arrive at Khao Kling Agricultural Prison
Visit Sufficiency Economy Learning Center @ Khao Kling Agricultural Prison

12.00 pm

Lunch break at Khao Kling Agricultural Prison, and shopping at the prison’s shop

1.00 pm

Leave Khao Kling Agricultural Prison

1.45 pm

Drop by at Tha Yang Agricultural Co-operative Ltd. in Tha Yang District, shopping local famous Gros Michel Banana/ if requested
Leave for Bangkok or Cha-am

2.30 pm

Arrive at SIEP in Cha-am



ATTRACTION: Chang Hua Man Royal Project


Initiated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej back in 2010, the Chang Hua Man Royal Project originally consisted of a 250-rai plot of land that demonstrated how economically viable crops can be grown without the need for chemical fertilisers. Later on, a dairy farm was established with fields to raise cows. This was done to encourage the local farmers to expand into dairy farming. The Royal Project is aimed at improving the lives of farmers in Phetchaburi and other nearby provinces.

The farm is in quite a hilly region of Phetchaburi province and so perfectly located to harness the power of the wind. There is a demonstration of wind power where people can learn about this clean form of energy. Also on the farm is a small, two-storey villa, where His Majesty the King is said to stay when inspecting the project. Of course, visitors will want to take home some of the farm’s products for themselves, so there is a Golden Place shop where they can by fresh fruits, dairy products and even rare breeds of local flowers.



ATTRACTION : Khao Kling Agricultural Prison


Khao Kling Temporary Prison Learning Center of sufficiency economy Wang Chan, Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi was established as a place confined inmates. It is a professional training to inmates. By inmates who would come here to have a good behavior. To the prison or prison nearby provinces. When it came to the temporary prison. Offenders will be treated in a relaxed manner. Is a training discipline. professional training. The knowledge, expertise and skills. Both in theory and practice can be applied in the occupation was later acquitted themselves and their family. A place of preparation before being released back into society. And also the location of drainage congestion of inmates in Petchburi.  This is a temporary prison that has become economically self-sufficient community learning centres. A major learning center activities have to learn continuously throughout the year. Including organic agriculture Building a house from the ground, Livestock, The forest planting, etc.


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